Get More Done in Class with a Tablet PC

Student with Tablet PC

Taking notes in class can be a tedious process, even with a laptop and a tape recorder. Sometimes you need to take notes by hand, which leaves you with a messy combination of Word documents and scribbles on paper. Not to mention a heavy backpack with all that equipment.

If you use OneNote on a Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, you can take notes with a keyboard or by hand and convert them to text later. You can even draw diagrams with different colors, record your professor's lecture, and store the audio and video directly in your notes. You'll be more organized and carry a lighter load in your backpack.

Ace Notetaking with a Tablet PC and OneNote

OneNote organizes information on individual sheets, labeled with content specific titles. These pages can be further categorized by folder to keep notes related to a specific class or topic conveniently sorted in one common location.

When you record lectures with the built-in microphone as you take handwritten notes on the page, the recorder offers onscreen audio controls to pause or stop recording at any time.

Onscreen audio control
Use the onscreen audio control in OneNote to pause or stop recording a lecture.

And because a link to the audio file of the lecture is always available directly from your notes, there's no need to dig around the bottom of your backpack for the tape or scramble to remember what name you saved the file as on your PC. Audio recordings are linked directly to the notes, so OneNote highlights which notes were written at the exact moment the audio was recorded.

When your professor announces test dates, you can use a quick link to Outlook's appointment features from the OneNote toolbar.

OneNote toolbar
Quickly add test dates to your Outlook calendar from OneNote.

With the In Place Tip feature of Tablet PC, easily insert all the details of the upcoming test using the pen.

In Place Tip feature
Jot handwritten notes in an Outlook appointment.

When you're drawing diagrams in notes, you can quickly change colors to make certain elements stand out. After all, how many ballpoint pens come in so many different colors and 10 different thicknesses?

OneNote drawing
Use different ink colors in your notes.

At the end of the lecture, save notes in your handwriting or convert them to text using built-in recognition technology. Select the line of text to convert, tap the Tools menu, and choose Convert Handwriting to Text.

OneNote maintains all your information in one place. So, when the time comes to review your notes, you can perform a search using OneNote's search box and locate all instances of the specified text in both text and handwriting. This makes preparing for exams much easier.

Search your notes
Search your notes for keywords.

And when illustrating a key concept with classmates in a study group, the Tablet is easy to pass around. Convenient sharing features make sending notes to classmates a piece of cake.